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Actionable Steps to Close Intention-Action Gap in Sustainability

What is Intention-Action Gap? Intention-action gap is a concept that has been around for quite some time. According to the Decision Lab, it refers to the disconnect between what we intend to do and what actually happens in reality. This discrepancy often results from our own lack of knowledge, resources, or motivation. For example, you […]

Greenwashing: What is it and How to Stay Away from Scams?

As the general public is gaining awareness of sustainability and the critical importance of protecting the environment, companies try to adopt greener practices to gain consumers’ favour. It is good that people are putting more effort into building a sustainable future. However, some of them are simply putting up an illusion so that they can […]

Plastic Pollution: Your Recycled Plastics May Still End Up In Landfills

Plastic Pollution still exists despite all the “Recyclables” According to National Geographic, in 2018, 91% of the plastics produced are not recycled. Recyclable plastic is not a guarantee that the item will be recycled, contrary to popular belief. There are a lot of factors that go into determining whether an item made out of recycled […]

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