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Discover How ReFi is Helping Ocean Conservation

In our previous blog, What Is ReFi? A Better Model Of Economy, we gave a crash course on the concepts of ReFi. This week, we will continue with the same topic but focus more on ocean conservation. I am sure you are all well aware of the effects of climate change and the current problems of […]

What is ReFi? A Better Model of Economy

If you are familiar with crypto, the term ‘Decentralised Finance (DeFi)‘ should be no stranger to you. It is essentially a financial system that evolves around blockchains. Recently, a new term has been rising in the space named ‘ReFi’, which is slowly gaining popularity among those passionate about social and environmental justice. What is ReFi? According […]

The Sustainable Finance Trend Simplified

What Exactly is Sustainable Finance? The concept of sustainability has spread from international public discourse and development to private sector businesses, including players in the financial markets. Last week, representatives from Green Token and Civic Exchange had a casual chat on sustainable finance on Twitter Space. More specifically, we looked at the application of sustainability […]

Green Matters Shaping Our Future At Your Fingertips

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