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TNC X Green Token: Marine Conservation

Last week, Green Token organised an activity jointly with The Nature Conservancy Hong Kong in Pak Nai on nature conservation. As the local’s favourite seafood, the importance and environmental value of oysters have often been overlooked by many. In fact, they fuse together forming rock-like reefs functioning as a valuable habitat for many marine animals including crabs, […]

POAP: Cracking Down the Hype about it

Have you ever found yourself diving into piles and piles of paper just to find that one certificate that you need for your job, or university application? These certificates take up a lot of space and it can take a lot of time and effort to retrieve them. This is where POAP comes in where […]

NFTs Are Here To Tackle The Sustainability Challenge

The Craze Around NFTs People have been spending more time indoors and online since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. The coronavirus rocked the globe and sent everyone into a state of complete lockdown, which altered how we live and conduct business. Many people found that their only refuge was the internet. People have […]

3 Ways Technology is Helping Marine Conservation

Enhancing Marine Conservation through Technology Each year, hundreds of millions of marine animals become tangled in plastic debris, which restricts their movement and food intake, as well as leading to injuries and diseases. Less obvious is the destruction caused by plastic consumption: because some plastic debris has an identical appearance to their prey, seabirds, turtles, […]

Circular Economy – Our 1 All-Around Solution for Zero Waste

Circular Economy – The Next Business Model In 2020, the Ellen McArthur Foundation’s defined Circular Economy based on 3 principles: design out waste and pollution; keep products and materials in use; regenerate natural systems. One of the main goals of Green Token is to manage waste properly with the aim of reducing and avoiding waste to […]

Truly Sustainable Products: Where and How to spot them

How can we prove a product is sustainable? Sustainability encompasses more than just energy efficiency and renewable sources. Understanding the relationships between the economy, society, and the environment is necessary to achieve true sustainability. We must work toward a mindset of sustainability that permeates all facets of our daily life in the local, societal, and […]

Carbon-neutral and Net-zero: 1 Simple Cheat Sheet for All

The Context behind “Carbon-neutral” and “Net-zero” Although ideas like “carbon-neutrality” and “net-zero” have existed for some time, small businesses and large corporations have just recently begun to adopt them, mostly for trendy marketing purposes, instead of actually committing to decarbonisation goals. The multiplicity of terminology and the uncertainty surrounding them may mislead uninformed customers. However, […]

Green Token: 3 Effective Ways to Turn a Token ‘Green’

What Does it Mean to be a “Green” Token? Being “green” does not only take into account the environmental aspect. We live in an interconnected ecosystem, where every action, every stakeholder, every decision, will have a huge effect to the world. In 2015, the United Nations adopted a blueprint that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals, […]

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