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3 Captivating Green Tokens You Should Know

Green Tokens: The Drive to Sustainable Development?

Green tokens have seen a rise of popularity when people started utilising cryptocurrency to incentivise individuals and corporates alike to start contributing to sustainable development. Individuals who are in the green cryptocurrency market firmly believes that many little actions can be taken to bring about significant improvements, empowering almost eight billion individuals to contribute to the improvement of the planet. Utilising green token is a novel, direct, and creative approach to engage people in the preservation of the environment. So what are some of the green tokens in the market right now?

Global Innovative Solutions: Tackling Water and Air Pollution

The Global Innovative Solutions (“GSI”) token is a BEP-20 smart contract that is issued on the Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”) and intends to create innovative deflationary tokenomics. The team is very focused on achieving this goal, and they do it in a number of different methods.

By creating and funding eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable activities and initiatives, Global Innovative Solutions attempts to clean up the environment from water and air pollution. In essence, this is its goal. The production of disposable plastic bottles requires the consumption of significant amounts of water and crude oil: 6 billion litres of water and 665,000 tonnes of oil (4,650,000 barrels). This is all about the very bottles that are consumed every year in Italy and contribute to the release of 910,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

With the cooperation of their two partner firms, Tesimag and Blu Gold Group, the team will approach this from all angles, utilising the know-how, resources, and goods of the partner companies as market leaders and fusing them with a new direct and inventive method of immersing people in environmental sustainability through the usage of the GSI token.

Every token released on the market is in line with and genuinely supported by observable physical outcomes. If the money gained does not directly and significantly reduce pollution, it cannot be generated. The speed of mining will depend on how it affects the ecosystem. 2,100,000 GSI will be mined and delivered to holders as a proportion of the tokens held for every 100 tonnes of CO2 reduced in the atmosphere.

GSI’s Token Utility

GSI will actively interfere in the market whenever a company requests for their services, and for every order placed with Global Innovative Solutions, the value of the business and consequently, the token, will inevitably rise.

By doing this, there will be a dual objective: to gradually enhance the value of the GSI token while also providing real environmental help. In accordance with the goals of “Agenda 2030,” GSI will also donate 2% of its earnings to organisations that purify water in Africa and other developing regions.

The owners of the tokens can unlock them for 1% a month, which will prevent the token from losing value and let them to generate a passive income.

Greeneum: Rewarding the Use of Green Energy

Greeneum is another green token in the market. Greeneum aims at using a number of cutting-edge technologies to accomplish their objectives. It uses blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence to verify and forecast energy production. The GREEN ERC20 network token is one more tool in Greeneum’s toolbox that will break down many of the obstacles impeding the market for renewable energy.

Digital ERC20 ledgers called “GREEN Tokens” are used to reward the use of sustainable energy. The Greeneum Network token holders can use their tokens to access the Greeneum energy platform and marketplace. Users had the option of listing green technology and energy projects.

Their Network is redefining how crypto tokens operate and create value for green energy assets and the environmental movement. It promotes the use of renewable energy sources including solar, wind, and hydro.

There are 1 billion Green tokens in total, and only approved renewable energy generation can be used to release them into circulation. The Green Fund, which awards 1000 Green tokens for 1MW DC of confirmed renewable energy over the course of a year, will provide incentives to green energy producers. Additionally, social impact initiatives receive green incentives from Greeneum’s social fund, which enables them to benefit from green energy production while increasing it and maximising it.

Greeneum’s Token Utility

Through the use of GREEN tokens, the Greeneum Network rewards the group of environmental advocates. In the Greeneum Network, these tokens are also utilised as the primary form of payment. Any wallet that is compatible with ERC20 can hold green tokens.

Although Ledger or Trezor wallets are thought to be more secure, you can utilise Metamask for Chrome browsers or Edge wallets for both iOS and Android mobile phones for everyday and small transaction needs.

Even if you don’t generate renewable energy, you may still earn Green tokens by supporting our organisations’ efforts to protect the environment and combat climate change by planting trees.

Green Token: Driving Down Green Premiums

The mission of Green Token is to empower consumers through collective action. We can start to reduce green premiums and bring about the change we want to see in the world by casting our financial votes in favour of $GREEN. We can guarantee that net zero targets are attained by investing in and implementing new technologies with gigaton-scale emissions reduction potential.

Green Token can defend our ecosystems and our personal health as we fight waste on both small and large sizes. This community intend to give everyone a voice by establishing a worldwide community in order to facilitate a just transition. Although Green Token is the newest amongst the three in the green cryptocurrency market, they are not one you would want to miss out on!

Green Token’s Token Utility

There are 3 pillars of the Green Token Ecosystem.

Unite: Green Token fosters community by bringing together various stakeholders in a single ecosystem. To promote systemic change, we want to widen access, share best practises, and reduce obstacles. They are now calling for enthusiasts to join their Green Community!

Reward: To achieve net zero targets, changing consumer behaviour is difficult yet essential. In order to solve this problem, Green Token rewards eco-friendly conduct. To measure their impact and prevent greenwashing, our partners provide aligned goods and services in exchange for $GREEN and openly disclose results on our platform. Additionally, our community collaborates with incentives to promote moral behaviour in the media and on social media.

Support: Individuals can support and become early adopters of cutting-edge sustainable goods and services that are oriented at the three main verticals thanks to Green Token. Sub-DAOs will be partially under the supervision of the Green Token community, which will also give due diligence and project data that can be used to make decisions. Additionally, the community may assist startups by providing mentorship and education.

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