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Frequently Asked Questions

Green Collective is an ecosystem that promotes and rewards efforts to mitigate climate change and support impactful, eco-conscious innovation. It comprises a utility token (GREEN), a rewards platform (Green Rewards) and a decentralized autonomous organization (Green DAO).

You may earn $GREEN as a reward for making sustainable consumer choices or participating in eco-missions.
You may use your $GREEN to exchange for products or services with our partner merchants. You may also use it to access our exclusive content, event & community.
There has been a lot of coverage about the high energy consumption of crypto tokens. This is mostly due to the ‘Proof of Work’ consensus methodology. Our token $GREEN is an ERC20 token bridged to the Polygon and BSC networks. These networks have ‘Proof of Stake’ consensus methodology and are estimated to use 99% less energy.
We aim to turn the Green Collective into a Decentralized Autonomous Orgnization (DAO). Token holders become DAO members who can vote on initiatives for the community.

Be Part Of A New Movement For Good

Right now, we’re failing the needs of humanity and our future by doing long-term damage to our environment. From the resources we use to the way we produce food, and everything in between; we must work towards a more sustainable future now.

By joining Green Token, you’re committing to a movement for good using Web 3.0.

Help us make this mission a reality.

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