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Green Token Announces Partnership with ACEA to Promote Sustainable Practices

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Asian Circular Economy Association (ACEA), and support them in their mission to build a knowledge hub of Circular Economy in Asia. This partnership brings together two organizations committed to promoting sustainable practices and supporting a regenerative economy.

As part of the partnership, ACEA will be able to reward attendees of their events and training with $GREEN, our token, and bring more climate-conscious people into the Green Token community.

‘’We are excited to partner with them to help spread the message of incorporating the circular economy into everyday life,” said Dom Varley, Head of Green Token, “Developing the circular economy is crucial in fighting unnecessary waste and ultimately reducing our carbon footprint. Green Token and ACEA are aligned with our vision for the future.‘’

“We are thrilled to partner with Green Token as we can offer more incentives to clients who participate in our activities and events. Besides getting more professional knowledge to help their business careers, our members can earn points for redeeming products and services from qualified merchants and service providers to create win-win situations for different stakeholders conveniently and transparently.” Harry Li, Founder of ACEA.

Looking ahead, Green Token and ACEA plan to work on specific initiatives and projects to promote sustainable practices and support a regenerative economy. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events and initiatives related to the partnership.

Visit Green Token’s website and ACEA’s website to learn more about how you can get involved in promoting sustainable practices and supporting a regenerative economy.

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